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I am Corporate America meets Photography which simply means my attention to detail and providing a professional experience from beginning to end is my priority. 

I began my photography journey in 2011 as a hobby and it quickly became a reality in 2012, when S&S Hendley Photography was established.  

Story Time...

In April 2017, I leaped will perhaps jumped into servicing my client friends full-time.  Through this experience I began hearing and seeing my clients more clearly.

I begin serving new and existing entrepreneurs and learned quickly that it was right where I belonged.


I now get to take my 20+ years of corporate leadership/management and coach my clients to their desired goal for the business. Part of that includes capturing intentional images that will help them be seen and heard.

Let’s see, what else…

I love lazy Sunday evenings after a great morning worship.  I love a great belly laugh that send tears down my face.  I’m a student of life, I believe we can learn from anyone.  Most of my clients become family, because we simply value the relationship we develop.

 My style of photography is natural, fun and intentional.


 If you love our work and think we’d make a great fit…. Let’s chat!

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