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Our Primary Focus:

Empowering female-led business owners on their journey from uncertainty to clarity and confidence in their business

Stop Struggling Alone

According to a study just conducted by Small Biz Silver Lining, a company that provides a variety of tools for entrepreneurs, 75 percent of small business owners are concerned about their mental health, and 56 percent have actually been diagnosed with anxiety, depression or stress-related problems by a doctor or mental health professional. 


We want better for you. We're here to provide support, insights, collaboration, strategies, and resources in our amazing members-only community

If you're in for making strategic moves and leveling up your business WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars , then this community is your ticket to incredible success! 

Come join us in this transformative society where expertise meets ambition, and together, let's map out the path to your business's bright future.  We'd love to  have you in the Society, so let's dive in and start this exciting journey together!

Sabrina Hendley
Founder/CEO Be Brandocious Society

You won't regret it!

Does this sound like you?

Here are the prevalent challenges hindering my clients from launching their  businesses to greater heights.

Tired of giving away your services cheaply just to prove yourself

Dealing with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, or fear of failure


Frustrated by the relentless push to invest in costly coaching programs before seeing results

Overwhelmed by taking on every client, regardless of fit or feasibility 

Not knowing where to start on the ever-growing to-do list, causing frustration and indecision.

What if instead you could be part of a supported space with like-minded women entrepreneurs?

Here's what happens when you do that

 You move from confusion to clarity and confidence in your business.

You get support and resources to confidently scale your business

You gain access to personalized guidance and tailored, growth-oriented strategies designed to help you scale your business

You start making more money

You can show up with confidence and authority

You can make the lasting impact you want to in your industry

You can collaborate and share insights with like-minded women


Be Brandocious Society, a space 
that provides you with tools to

Be Bold. Be Confident.
Be Unstoppable

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What makes us different? Our community is a space where learning and doing go hand in hand! We're not just about teaching; we're about getting our hands dirty with you, supporting you every step of the way until your business shines brighter than the rest.

Don’t settle for mediocrity. Elevate your business. Join now and let’s create a success story together!



I'm Sabrina

Hey there!

Let me tell you, the journey to where I am today?  It's been a rollercoaster.  Picture this: a decade of navigating the highs and lows of running my own female-led business.  I've been in your shoes-feeling unworthy, second-guessing myself, and wearing the DIY cape because, let's face it, outsourcing wasn't always an option.  But through it all, I've learned.  I've hustled.  I've grown.

Now, I'm here to help you win.  Why? Because I've been through it all- the struggles, the doubts, the triumphs.  And trust me, I'm passionate about seeing you soar.  My Mission?  To guide you through the maze of defining your brand - clarifying what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.   Then comes the exciting part:  I'll help you shout it from the rooftop with establishing a  strong internal brand as well as an external brand  that speak volumes to your ideal client.

My mission is to help you show up and be your grandest self, the one whose visions are so exceptional that they frighten you. So, are you ready to take this journey with me? Let's make your business shine like never before.

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Encompasses coaches, realtors, speakers, therapists, wellness coaches, money coaches, online course creators, educators... the list goes on.



You get all the support and resources you need to scale your business and start increasing your revenue.

    You can expect:


Business transformation

This exclusive community focuses on guiding you on a transformative journey from confusion to clarity to confidence within your business.

By sharing insights with other like-minded women buisness owners, you uplift and inspire each other to achieve your goals.


Growth-oriented approach


At our exclusive membership community, we promise to provide women entrepreneurs with the support, resources, and strategies they need to confidently scale their businesses.

With our tailored guidance  and growth-oriented approach, we're committed to helping you unleash your full potential and thrive in entrepreneurship.

Strategic Planning

Discover the principles of mastering efficient planning. Explore a wide array of strategies encompassing goal setting and time management techniques crafted for swift advancement. Craft a roadmap finely tuned to your vision, paving the way for strategic and enduring business growth.

Office Meeting

Brand/Marketing Strategies

We offer comprehensive exploration, delving deep into the tactics essential for business growth. From foundational principles to advanced techniques, our society provides a roadmap for honing your branding and marketing skills, ensuring your business flourishes in today's dynamic landscape.

Supportive Networking

You aren't in this alone anymore.  Be part of a supportive community of amazing women that are on the same journey.  This will allow you to gain the clarity, confidence, and connections you need to thrive as a entrepreneur.

Together, we collaborate, scale and grow, turning dreams into reality and making a lasting impact in our industries.

Young Businesswomen
Woman with Tablet

Funding, Credit, Biz Structure

Unlock the keys to accessing business credit and securing funding to kickstart and expand your entrepreneurial journey.


Choose your plan




Full Access to our Exclusive Community, where we foster transformation & collaboration

Full access to our replays and LIVE events featuring industry speakers

Full access to our masterclasses 

Full access to our mini courses 

Participate in virtual co-working events

Quarterly goal planning


Discount OFF of 1:1 services

10% Off Regular Branding Photography Products (excluding specials)

10% LIVE Branding Events




Includes everything in "Starter" plus.

Full access to templates (ebook, media kit, etc.)

Guided Qtrly Content Creation Events

Monthly Group Coaching

Participate in virtual + in person coworking events

20% Off Regular Branding Photography Products (excluding specials)

20% LIVE Branding Events

This plan allows you more access to Sabrina and staff through group coaching and guided events.

  • Why is there a waitlist?
    Joining the waitlist expresses your interest to join the paid membership. Our open enrollment happens twice a year at which you'll be notified via email when it's coming up. In the meantime, you'll receive valuable information and tips for your business while you wait.
  • What happens after I join the Be Brandocious Society™?
    You'll be given access to the community which depending on your plan, includes all resources, calendar of upcoming events and more. You will receive a welcome email that will include pertinent information for you to get the best out of the society.
  • Can I switch membership tiers after signing up?
    Yes. Only you know where you are on your journey, we encourage you to choose the plan that works best for you.
  • What is your cancel policy?
    No risk, no contract. While we don't think you'll want to, you can cancel anytime. If you decide to cancel, we encourage you cancel before the next billing cycle.
  • What's included in Guided Quarterly Content Events
    Our Guided quarterly content for the Pro members are an opportunity for you to come together in a selected space to create content based on your goals. Prior to these events, you would have completed your content strategy with Sabrina and other members to ensure you're prepared. You'll be provided with a list of things to bring in order to get the most out of your content.
  • Can I book a 1:1 call for additional support?
    Yes, additional support is provided at a discounted rate, simply book a slot within the private community.
  • I have an additional question not shown here, how can I reach you?
    Absolutely, you may reach us: in the subject put: BB SOCIETY HELP
  • Is this for start up business or full established businesses?
    This community is for anyone in business that desire additional support. Our community is created to support you on various levels of your entrepreneurial journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with Sabrina.....

When I met Sabrina, I only had an idea of what I wanted  to do but didn't have a clue on how to make it happen.  Sabrina help me to gain clarity on my target audience, my brand colors, and provided me resources to get my logo created.  I'm excited and confident in what I'm launching to the world.Best decision ever! "


"I can´t explain in words how much of an impact Sabrina's coaching has been on my life! Her ability to help you go from confusion to clarity is an understatement. Get off the fence and sign up today!"


"I´m still in shock, it was a rollercoaster ride, I can´t believe where I am today! So, so grateful for Sabrina"



If we did all the things we
are capable of, we would
literally astound ourselves.


Inventor and businessman

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